Tuesday, December 18, 2007

L9 a venue for NOLA/CAC Project 1 Art Extravaganza

In 2007, Cameron left the plum position as senior curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York after 10 years, because, he said, "entering a second decade in a committed relationship was too much."

In May, he took the post of director of visual art at New Orleans' much humbler Contemporary Arts Center on Camp Street, agreeing to lend his curatorial cachet to the center as he produced his stupendous pet project, Prospect 1.

If he succeeds, Prospect 1 will join the ranks of approximately 25 other international art exhibits staged in cities around the world, such as Sydney, Australia; Seville, Spain; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China; and Venice.

Whether biennials are for the high-rollers or more modest art lovers, many observers believe that New Orleans is an ideal location for one, because of its rich cultural history, its recent post-Katrina notoriety, and its geography. The Istanbul Biennial, which drew 84,000 visitors this year, is Cameron's most direct model for Prospect 1, because Istanbul, like New Orleans, is a historic port city pinched between bodies of water. The Crescent City's relatively small size and readily available public transit will allow easy access to Prospect 1 sites from Uptown to the French Quarter to the Warehouse District to Mid-City.

Read Doug McCash's entire Times Picayune article:"World-class art show would be N.O.'s biggest ever" here

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